Mammuthus Columbi tooth - Somervell Co, TX (FO-1469r)

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This is a partially erupted tooth.  The part that looks rather like the bottom of a sneaker is the chewing surface.  The teeth naturally shorten and change shape as they wear while chewing.  The hollow-looking portions were the root. Shipping will require USPS Medium Priority Mail Flat Rate box.  Measures about 27cm x 18cm x 9cm and weighs over 10 lbs.

This tooth has been consolidated with Polyvinyl Butyral and Cyanoacrylate...consistent with museum practices for protecting vertebrate fossils.

Mammuthus Columbi was native to what is now Texas, Southern U.S. and Mexico.  Reaching 14 ft at the shoulder, the Colombian Mammoth was larger than both the African Elephant (max. 13ft), and the Woolly Mammoth (about 11ft).  Like modern elephants, mammoths wore-through six sets of teeth in their life, but typically had only 4 teeth in action at a given point-in-time.

Our Somervell County Mammoth fossils came from a 40-year family collection.  As we were told, the family previously ranched about 5,000 acres they owned.  And, in the process of excavating a couple of ponds, they encountered Pleistocene bone.  They didn't know a lot about preserving fossil bone, but made a wise decision in keeping them indoors and out of the weather.  As is typical with fossil bone, most pieces have some degree of repair.